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Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher

     Category: Utilities / System Utilities

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Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher
Switch easily between Windows 8 old Start Menu and Windows Metro Style start screen. This tool hides in system tray (notification area). Just click any of the icons representing the old Windows Start Menu (orb) or Windows Metro Style to modify windows registry. Then click Restart Explorer you'll see the changes. This will change to the old windows start menu (orb) in Windows 8, but it will also disable Explorer with ribbon and taskmanager. And if you want to keep Ribbon Explorer and the New TaskManager, use the button which requires admin privileges instead of the icons. All changes are reversible. FEATURES: TE Run at startup, so you can change it anytime you want TE Hides on system tray (notification area) TE Only works on Windows 8 TE special button to only enable/disable old windows start menu, requires admin privileges
Windows 8 Start Menu Switcher
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Author: Victor Alberto Gil
License: Freeware
File Size: 492.0 KB
Downloads: 8

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